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No more arguing
about mobile phone usage

With APPYLYSER you finally see how often and how much you actually use your phone. Learn to assess your usage behaviour and control it yourself.

APPYLYSER ticks all the boxes of a tool to support independence

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How APPYLYSER works »
Direkt zum Google Play Store
How APPYLYSER works »
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APPYLYSER – a modern parenting app

You set your weekly screen time goal (Goal) with your parents. Coach Caro helps you reach your goal during the week. Die verschiedenen The different charts give you a detailed overview. This is how you learn to take control of your smartphone habits.

At the weekend you discuss your week with your parents. Clear usage facts ensure that this is a positive discussion, not an argument. Discuss how you feel about your goals; how and what could be improved, and what the next week should look like.

With APPYLYSER you are in control of the conversation.
You control your screen time.

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