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Hi, I’m Caro!

I am your digital coach and give you feedback.

I’ll give you daily feedback on your phone usage. This way, you can check yourself every day to see if you are on the right track to reach your goal.

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Ask yourself …

How much time did I spend on WhatsApp today?
Is my child doing homework or playing Angry Birds?
How much time have I spent on my phone in the last 2 weeks?

… Caro always knows the answer!

The “Caro Method”

Caro is your personal coach. She makes it easy to understand your mobile phone usage because the charts make your screen time transparent. This allows you to see when you are using your phone too much and adjust independently. Ensuring you haven’t gone over your limit by the weekend means your parents can relax. When you keep checking in on her, Caro will guide you.

Caro: “I’m tell you when you’re doing well and also when your screen time habits are getting out of control!”

Coach Caro der App Appylyser: normal

I am Caro. I want to help you to manage your screen time.

Click me for an update on your goal. You choose when to contact me.

Coach Caro der App Appylyser: happy

Excellent! Keep it up, you will reach your goal.

You are managing your time well and you have plenty of time left to reach your goal this week.

Coach Caro der App Appylyser: Achtung

Careful! That's not the way to reach your goal.

You’ll have to watch your time keeping over the next few days, if you want to reach your goal.

Coach Caro der App Appylyser: böse

Oh dear, we saw this coming.

You haven’t reached your goal this week. Try to keep an eye on your usage charts every day next week.


This is what your weeks’ information might look like:

Caro is always there for you during the week and can advise you. Of course you can chat to your parents too. Sit down with your parents over the weekend and show them what your week was like. Then you can discuss the next week together.

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Direkt zum Google Play Store
More about the idea behind APPYLYSER »

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