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How does APPYLYSER work?

APPYLYSER does not lock functions or prohibit anything

We all know from experience that prohibitions brings strife; but that learning to take responsibility is empowering. APPYLYSER provides reliable facts and figures. As a result, parents and their children have a solid foundation for a constructive conversation.

Appylyser mein Goal Sanduhr

This is how APPYLYSER works:

  • Parents and children: agree together on a goal or limit for time spent on the device in the next week (for example 12 hours)
  • decide together which apps should be tracked by the app
  • Parents: sit back and let the kids get on with it.
    Children: continue to use your smartphone as normal being mindful of Caro every day.

  • Parents and children: get together over the weekend, discuss the past week and the goal for the next week
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Familie nutzt Appylyser eine moderne Parental-Control App
Appylyser Grafikübersicht, über alle benutzten Apps der letzten 14 Tage

Your data is displayed in a variety of graphs. You can see your activities from today but also an overview of the last 14 days.

In a weekly overview, you can see how much time you have already spent and how much time you have left.

is important!

Tell us about your experiences. We are very interested in your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

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