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Who is behind the idea of APPYLYSER?

The developers are:

Husband and wife team, Carola and Nick Stanforth, from the South of Germany. We are the proud parents of two great teenagers.
When our kids got smartphones, we soon asked ourselves the same questions most parents probably ask themselves:

  • Why is there a constant dispute over the mobile phone?
  • How much time do our children really spend on mobile phones?
  • How can we have a constructive discussion with them?

  • How can we prepare you for your digital future?

That’s why we developed APPYLYSER.

The goals of APPYLYSER:

  • Good relationships between parents and children.
    No more pointless arguing, but constructive fact based discussions.
  • Independent management of screen time based on agreed weekly targets.
  • Awareness of the dangers of digital addiction.
  • Digital competence: these skills are transferrable to other media.
  • Gaining self-confidence and a feeling of empowerment.
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions.

APPYLYSER helps you to reach your goal

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is important!

Tell us about your experiences. We are very interested in your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

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